What does DPS bring to the table?

DPS (Data Products & Services, LLC) brings a true value-add to our customers with more than 35 years of experience in the communications industry. Simply put, we know what we are doing.

For our customers in our local service areas (significant parts of Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, & Kansas) we will dispatch an experienced installer who is fully capable of making sure the installation and transition go smoothly. In many cases, we prefer to visit your location ahead of installation so that any unknowns are eliminated and we can arrive fully prepared.

We dispatch fully stocked service vehicles. Time is of the essence when we are on site for our clients and we do our very best to arrive fully prepared to do the job we’ve been hired to do.

For customers outside this area, we will dispatch an experienced installation technician from your area. We fully vet those we hire to represent us, so you don’t have to worry whether they are capable or not. They are.

Why does DPS only sell SpectrumVoIP?

Simply put, they’re the best! DPS considered selling VoIP services for a long time, but we were unable to find one that first, would meet all the needs of our customers as well as our needs as a service company that seeks only the best solutions for our clients.

Whether you need simple to use phones or the most advanced phone system, you can find it all with SpectrumVoIP and Data Products & Services.

Together, we can help you tailor a hosted PBX solution utilizing a wide variety of next generation equipment, best in class quality of service and competitive pricing perfect for your business.