How is VoIP different from traditional landlines?

Well first of all, copper landlines are being phased out in response to FCC order 19-72. If you still have copper lines, you’re not in luck, you’re actually at risk. The copper lines that are still in use are no longer going to be maintained by the carriers. The deadline for phase out has passed, but there are still many out there who have yet to migrate to Internet-based voice services.

One recent customer told us that her copper land line cost had risen to $1,000/mo, and that was just two lines!

So what does this mean, Internet-based voice services?

It means that those migrating to the new service type will be forced onto fiber optic-based voice services. If you know your carrier, you already know that it will likely be expensive. It will.

If you already have Internet service in your business’ location, we have great news! You don’t need those big carriers! All you need is SpectrumVoIP.

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